About us

The directors Ivan Baggaley, Simon Dazeley and Graeme Lockhart each have over 30 years experience of the Cambridge property market. Consequentially we have an in depth knowledge of every part of the property development process and the expertise to harness this knowledge effectively. But more fundamentally than this we have vision. And it is this vision that allows us to unlock the optimum potential of every development opportunity.

We were founded in 2009 and are wholly owned equally by Dernford Holdings Ltd. and CMP Projects Ltd.

Notable achievements

3 Directors with 30+ years experience in Cambridge and the wider property market.

88 dwellings consented in 2014

Residential projects range from studio flats to executive detached houses, promotion agreements to mixed use.

Exisiting dwelling of 1 into 6
Histon Road

Exisiting dwelling of 1 into 8
Benson Place

Enhanced planning of 30 dwellings into 66

Enhanced planning of 6 dwellings into 14
New Street

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